For how long can UWB keep my personal data?

If your mother or father registered you for an interesting camp, summer school, or the Children's Olympics, we will need some of your personal data.


What personal data can be processed by UWB?

If your mother or father registered you for an interesting camp, summer school, or the Children's Olympics organized by the university, we need to know your name and surname, address, name and surname of your parents, their phone numbers and email addresses, or other details that we need in order to contact them.

Your mother or father will tell you where and why they registered you to participate in the activity.


Important information for parents or legal guardians

UWB puts special emphasis on the processing of personal data of children. Your child's personal data that you provide to UWB when registering your child for activities organized by UWB are processed solely for the purpose of registration and participation in the activity.

In case you decide to insure your child, UWB is obliged by law to share the personal data of your child with the provider of insurance services. This, of course, will not apply if you decide to refuse this offer.  If UWB intends to use the personal data of your child for a purpose other than that for which they were collected (e.g. register for an activity, insurance for your child), the university is obliged to ask for your express consent and you have the right to refuse this consent.

If you registered your child for an activity where images of children will be taken UWB will ask you for consent to this. If you do not grant your consent, your child will not be photographed at the activity. Your consent is entirely voluntary, and you will always be informed about how you can withdraw it, or who you can contact if you have questions concerning the processing of your child’s personal data.

If you will not be able to accompany your child to the activity, please contact the organizer in advance, so that your possible consent to the image-taking of your child can be resolved. To sign the consent at the activity on behalf of a person other than a parent or legal guardian of the child is possible only under a valid power of attorney.

If you have any questions regarding the personal data of your child processed by UWB, please contact the department organizing the activity. You may also contact the personal data officer:

You can exercise your rights as follows: