third party

If you are neither a student nor a UWB employee, but you are entering into a relationship with the university, your personal data will be processed.

The spectrum of such persons is very broad, but most commonly the third persons are:


Company identification number, address, contact details of the statutory representatives, or executive directors for the purpose of concluding a contract or order.


UWB graduates

if you are interested in membership in the Alumni Club and you registered to the Club, UWB keeps record of your personal data, in particular your name and surname, date of birth, email address, Faculty and the year you started and completed your studies.

As a member of the Club you may provide UWB with other personal data, but it is not obligatory. Your personal data will be processed solely for the purpose of contacting the members of the Alumni Club in order to inform them about the activities of the Club, or for UWB internal statistical data which will be processed only for the duration of your membership.

Your data may be processed only with your consent which you are entitled to withdraw at any time.


Participants in a habilitation procedure or a professor appointment procedure who are not employed by UWB

If you are a participant in a habilitation or professor appointment procedure, your personal data will be processed by the Research and Development Department.

In accordance with Section 75 of the Higher Education Act, as amended, UWB has the obligation to inform the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports about initiated habilitation procedures and professor appointment procedures and is obliged to publish the information about these procedures on its website, in particular: name and surname of the applicant, Faculty, specialisation, and the date of the commencement of the appointment procedure, as well as the date of the defence and appointment.


Unsuccessful job applicants

UWB processes your personal data solely for the purpose of the selection procedure for the job position you applied for and only until the date a contract of employment is concluded with a successful job applicant.

UWB is obliged to destroy all documents containing the personal data of unsuccessful applicants. If this is not done, UWB must ask for your express consent to do otherwise.


Prospective UWB students

The application form includes all of your personal data we need to organise the admission procedure.

Your personal data will be processed by the Study Departments of individual Faculties.


Applicants for recognition of foreign higher education or qualification

At the request of a graduate of a foreign university, UWB may issue a certificate of recognition of higher education.

The recognition is based on a diploma or its authenticated copy, a certificate or a similar document issued by the foreign higher education institution, as stated in Section 90 of the Higher Education Act, as amended. Pursuant to Section 90(b) of the Higher Education Act, as amended, UWB keeps the register of proceedings regarding applications for recognition of foreign higher education and qualifications and processes the name or names and surname, date of birth, and address of permanent residence of the applicant.

In the case of foreigners, also sex, address of registered residence in the Czech Republic, and citizenship, the designation of the foreign proof of education which the application concerns, including the name and registered office of the foreign higher education institution which issued it and the designation of the State under the jurisdiction of which the document was issued, details of the outcome of the application proceedings indicating the body deciding on the application and indicating the file reference under which the proceedings were conducted, including the reference number, the date of the copy, and the date of the issue of the decision on the application.

These data may be stored for ten years.


If I have a question about the processing of my personal data, who can I contact?

You can exercise your rights as follows: