What is the reason UWB processes my personal data and what types of information are processed?

UWB processes your personal data in order to ensure the proper course of your studies. Pursuant to Section 88 of the Higher Education Act, as amended, UWB keeps a register of students. The register of students is used to keep records on students and serves for budgetary and statistical purposes. The register contains, in particular: name and surname, any other names or maiden name, birth certificate number, marital status and permanent address; in the case of foreigners: date of birth, sex, place of abode in the Czech Republic and nationality. The register of students contains the following data on individual students: the date of enrolment in studies, previous education, study programme and form of studies, enrolment in the next academic year or block of study, completed state exams and academic degrees awarded, interruption of studies, termination of studies, the number of the higher education diploma and diploma supplement (if issued). UWB is also entitled to process your personal data for the purposes of university publications.

If you are a participant in a lifelong learning programme, it is necessary to process your personal data in order to ensure the course of this programme to the extent stipulated by applicable legislation, a contract or your consent.

If you use the services of the university library, UWB is entitled to process your personal data in order to offer you its services (in particular, book borrowing or using the electronic information resources) to the extent stipulated by applicable legislation, a contract or your consent.

If you are accommodated in a university dormitory, UWB processes your personal data to the extent stipulated by applicable legislation, a contract or your consent.

If you use the university canteen, UWB is entitled to process your personal data to the extent stipulated by applicable legislation, a contract or your consent. UWB does not process any personal information concerning your specific dietary needs or allergies.

If you are a student with special needs and you would like to use the services of the Information and Counselling Centre, UWB is obliged by law to ask you for evidence proving your special needs and will hand it over to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in order to obtain the financial contribution used to cover the expenses related to the provision of services.


For how long can UWB keep my personal data?

UWB processes your personal data for a period of time which corresponds to the processing of your data.

The Higher Education Act stipulates that the register of students and documents relating to important academic events are regarded as archive records; therefore, they will be kept permanently.

Other above-mentioned personal data are kept in accordance with applicable legislation and the Management and Destruction Rules.


Who is entitled to process my personal data?

Your personal data can be processed only by UWB employees authorised to do so. Records in the register of students can be made only by authorised employees; most often these are the employees of the Study Department and employees of the Section of the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning.

Information concerning students with special needs or information about study- related fees, for example, the payment of a scholarship, may be processed only by the employees of the Information and Counselling Centre.

Your personal data, such as name and surname, student number, email address, study programme, form of study, status (student/not student), subjects and the title of your thesis, may be accessed by your teachers in order to administer the course of your study (e.g. awarding ofgrades, etc.)


Can I ask UWB for access to my personal data, their rectification or erasure of any additional information?

Every student has the right to access his/her personal file on the website portal.zcu.cz.

The personal file is also kept at the Study Department of the relevant Faculty. If you find out that UWB keeps invalid or outdated data, you are entitled to rectify them. You can do this by yourself, or with the help of an employee of the Study Department. You also have the right to the erasure of your personal data if your personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected, there is no other legal ground for the processing, your personal data have been unlawfully processed, or if you lodge a complaint against the processing of your personal data and UWB fails to prove the reasons for their processing.

However, you have to keep in mind that UWB is not obliged to (and often may not) erase your personal data, if the processing is necessary for compliance with imposed legal obligations, or if it is necessary for archiving, scientific, or historical research or statistical purposes. Moreover, it is not possible to erase the data if it would seriously jeopardize or impede the purpose for which the data were collected, or if the processing is necessary for the exercise of UWB legal claims.


In which information systems are my personal date stored?

UWB stores your personal data in the study administration and information system IS STAG, as well as in the information system for economics and administration MAGION.


To whom can UWB transmit my personal data?

UWB is obliged to keep the register of students kept by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Information regarding your student status or your contact details can be transmitted, in case you ask for it, to the transport company Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky so that you can receive a reduced fare.

If you decide to participate in a study exchange programme (e.g. ERASMUS +, INTER, etc.), UWB may share your personal data with the relevant foreign educational institution. This transmission shall be effected only via secure channels of communication.


How can I exercise my rights? Who do I have to contact to exercise my rights?

You can exercise your rights as follows:


Can I ask UWB for an explanation which includes the reasons for the processing of my personal data?

Yes, this is one of the rights that you have as a data subject.

Applications or questions concerning this issue should be addressed to the data protection officer.


How can UWB verify that the submitted application is authentic?

Once the application concerning the exercise of one of your rights is delivered to UWB, we start looking into it.

For security reasons, the data protection officer may ask you to prove your identity and submit some additional information, so that it is perfectly clear that the application in not fraudulent.


How long does it take to process my application?

Your application will be processed as soon as possible, but not later that one month from the date of its receipt.

With regard to the complexity and the number of applications received, UWB is entitled to extend the above-mentioned deadline. The applicant will be notified about this.


How much does it cost to process my application?

UWB processes all applications free of charge.

However, if your application is inadequate, manifestly irrelevant, or repeated, UWB may charge an administrative fee for the provision of information, or for the performance of tasks related to this.


Do I have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority?

If you file a complaint concerning the processing of your personal data with UWB and this complaint is not resolved successfully, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection located a:

Pplk. Sochora 27,
170 00 Praha 7