Personal Data Processing at the University of West Bohemia

Are my personal data adequately protected?

The University of West Bohemia puts systematic emphasis on the protection and security of processed data. In particular, the university aims to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services. UWB acts as the Data Protection Officer and, therefore, it implements appropriate technical and organizational measures for ensuring that only personal data which are necessary for a specific purpose are processed. In particular, such measures ensure that personal data are not made accessible to any natural persons without the consent of the individual. UWB employees are regularly trained in how to follow the rules of secure personal data processing.

UWB issued an internal regulation on security policy. It is a declaratory document which explains the attitude of UWB management to the obligation of ensuring the safety of persons and information. Data processing, management and storage are subject to security procedures and rules which are regularly revised in order to take account of external and internal developments or changes.

How does UWB ensure the safety of its information systems?

The University of West Bohemia responsibly ensures the security of its information systems and databases. The university uses appropriate information technologies and procedures and has qualified employees who are continuously trained in the field of security of information systems. Moreover, these systems are regularly tested and updated, which is the best way to prevent emerging threats.

How will UWB proceed in case of a personal data breach?

UWB puts systematic emphasis on the protection and security of processed data. If the breach is likely to result in a high risk adversely affecting your rights and freedoms, UWB will inform you about this breach without undue delay, and in full compliance with GDPR. Specific security measures, however, always depend on the type of personal data breach.